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General information about the Czech republic
    Situated near the Giant Mountains and the Eagle Mountains staying in Oranžový dům is ideal for enjoying winter(sport). Nearby there are a total of 8 ski areas. From which 2 can be reached within a 5 minutes car drive.
    • The continental climate in the Czech Republic garantees a snowy winter.

    • Surroundings which are perfect for skiing, cross country and snow hiking.

    • Very cheap ski cards. From € 9,50 per day for adults and € 7,- per day for children.

    • Slope Distance (min.) Lift length (m) height (m)
      Chvaleč Petřikovice 5 3 3.850 800
      Radvanice 5 3 1.500 500
      Mladé Buky 20 9 5.130 808
      Zacléř 25 8 6.100 1.265
      Černý důl 25 10 9.310 1.829
      Černá hora 25 17 15.850 2.925
      Velká Úpá 30 3 2.899 744
      Pec Pod Snežkou 30 10 10.430 1.776
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    • Modern chairlifts and ropes.

    • Night skiing on all slopes.

    • In Mladé Buky and Černý důl special ski areas for kids.

    • Guests of Oranžový dům get 10% discount on lessons and rent of new material at 'Ski Eskymo' (Chvaleč Petřkovice). Prices on this link are in Czech Crowns. Dividing these prices by 27,5 gives you the price in Euro.

    • Free skibus between several ski areas.

    • 3,5 kilometer long toboggan slide in Černá hora.

    • Skating in the ice hall in Trutnov.

    • Yearly the scenery for many worldcup races in down- hill skiing, cross country and bob.

    • A wintery visit at the largest ZOO of Middle Europe, in Dvůr Kralové is highly recommended.

    • The top of the highest mountain, the Sněžka or a walk through Adršpach of Teplice Skaly are in winter time spectacular.

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Skiing in neighbourhood Oranzovy dum

Skiing in neighbourhood Oranzovy dum

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